Make a Run For it

Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

The past few days in Sydney have been basking in some of the most glorious weather we've had this year. My little "home office" looks over Rushcutters Bay Park, so whenever that sun is out to play I always feel the need to take advantage of the incredible spot that I live in. And Memphis is always ready to go for a run.

I'm going through another "orange phase" at the moment - and I'm dying for a pair of these Nike lightweights. I had the best pair of runner's last year that I stupidly took to LA (yeah right, like I was ever gonna go for a run in Hollywood) and consequently left them in the hotel room. Now I have a shitty pair because I can't justify spending what I could spend on a new winter coat on another pair of Nikes. So until next summer, I will just have to keep the dream alive with Polyvore.

Work Out in Style

Mink Pink elastic waist shorts to keep the sparkle alive, H&M racerback sports bra,  UNIF tank because it's awesome, NIKE lightweight shoes / Ray-Ban folding sunglasses so that after your run when you're blowing it out at the coffee shop, you can shove them in the tiniest of pockets.


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