I Believe in Accessories

Top: Living Doll @ Love of Eos   |   Skull Ring: Lotus Mendes   |   Double Triangle Ring: House of Harlow 1960   |   Peace Ring: Low Luv

I believe in accessories. Clearly.

I think you can make an old outfit feel brand new with the choice of the right accessories. You can wear jewelry over and over again and it really doesn't matter. I was going through my jewelry drawer (yes drawer) and found this leather lace-up cuff that I got about 10 years ago. It was always something I loved but hardly ever wore - so glad I found it

That's why accessories are so important - just like a LBD... They last forever and you can always turn to an old favourite to make you feel good. They're like warrior-armour! Accessories can make or break the outfit and can always put a new spin on the old.

Now I want to go shopping.
For more accessories.
Like I need them?!?! 


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