Gypsy Rock n Roll Summer Style: Refined


Think Anita Pallenberg meets Nicole Richie in chic-boho-gypsy-rock-n-roll-style for summer.

Lately I've been thinking of refining my somewhat chunky style - for certain occasions. I love my skulls, my studs, my boots and accessories (as you know) so I thought I'd start looking at how to re-define my personal style. Kind of like a "grown-up" version I guess. But like I said - only for certain occasions :).

Starting with a stiletto heel instead of a chunked up platform or wedge changes your whole silhouette and I'm pretty short so if there's a chance for a long leg - I'm going for it! The other subtle changes I've made are with the accessories; opting for a thin 'baby' skull ring instead of a knuckleduster (Lotus Mendes make a great one of these) and a detailed House of Harlow 1960 necklace finished this look off without having to layer up on the neck-wear. In fact - you'll be safe with anything from House of Harlow 1960.

I'm still loving a pop of colour with black  - I'd try the mustard mini-dress backwards for something unusual. Seriously - try everything in your wardrobe on backwards - you'll be surprised!! And my number one accessory this summer is the headpiece - be in boho wrap around, chains or spiked headbands... Even a crown like this darling from Top Shop, it beats a bad hair day every time.

Happy summer styling!


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