The New Aztecs


Skirt: Motel Rocks   |   Tank: UNIF   |   Sequin Cape: Evil Twin   |   Necklace: Recreational   |   Peace Ring: LowLuv @ Love of Eos   |   Blue Ring & Skull Ring: Lotus Mendes   |   Shoes: Sportsgirl

I have a new obsession. Well two actually, no lets make it three... Meet my new Motel Rocks aztec print skirt, UNIF tank and le pièce de résistance, this sequin cape from the undeniably attention grabbing Evil Twin... All wrapped up in this mojo-perfect combo - I say mojo-perfect because I can't think of anything better to describe myself in one look!

In fact, the cape (and other pieces are all available from Market HQ) is so devine that it's currently doubling as my early morning cardigan when I run out for coffee before I have the chance to get fully functioning - it really dresses up a pair of black harem trackies and completely cancels out the need for any make-up *grins*.

I'll let you in on a little sequin secret I live by... In between shoots and gigs where I'm totally hair and make-upped I like to enjoy the days of 'work' where I can lounge around in 'no-glam' whilst editing photos and videos. But alas, the showgirl in me (from my childhood dancing days - yes I've done A Chorus Line and know how to tap dance) always wants something a little more Gypsy Rose Lee in my day... So the trick is to always put on one thing that's completely rockin' - it makes you feel good while you probably look crap - haha!

Hence, my new Evil Twin, Rossi lipstick from Gorgeous Cosmetics and a pair of geekchic glasses - and voi-la instant feel goodness at home!

Do you have a Sequin Secret to live by?

Here's a little Polyvore inspiration for you... Follow me here.

Now... where's my sequin cardie I need a morning coffeeeeeeeee!!



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