5 Blogs That Inspire the Wanderlust Gypset Within

Lately I've noticed a shift. A change in the winds.
I've found it on my travels when laughing with strangers and looking towards new horizons. The connections with like-minded-travellers as we chat the magic of crystals and witness the hatchings of new collaboration ideas. It all seems so bright and malleable - these future memories and more importantly, this exact moment.

Sometimes though, the ways of the old creep in and a little piece of negative information gets through the crack. So on those days, I focus on replenishing my artistic soul in making jewelry pieces, reading books or playing my guitar. Listening to music with some good wine and colourful food and stalking my favourite blogs is more than enough to get me right back on track to the never-ending, sun-chasing road trip that is the Gypset wanderlust mind-set.

I'll be putting a spotlight on each of these inspiring blogs over the next few weeks, but for now, here's my top 5 to get you stalking!

5 Blogs That Inspire the Wanderlust Gypset Within...


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