A Little Paisley Goes a Long Way

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Dress & Fringe Cape: AX Paris  |   Crystal Jewelry "The Elemental Collection" coming soon to MojoMade   |   2 Tone Bone Ring: House of Harlow 1960

When I was a teenager I went through my hippie stage. I went through my psychedelic-sunflower-child stage. I went through my 'Almost Famous' obsession. But one thing I never got the fever for was paisley. To me it was way too obviously hippie (as opposed to the rose coloured glasses I wore through grade 7) and it reminded me of a Nanna or at least some ancient adult who was completely out of touch. Duh.

And so the fashion trends spiral around once more with paisley having it's resurgence and I'm still not a fan. Of the old-school kind of print anyway. But then there's something like this dress from AX Paris which is so on point it's like magic. Or a hippie rainbow. Whichever you prefer.

Mid-calf length dress? Tick.
Racer-front neckline? I die!
Mirrored paisley inspired print? Approved.

And so the latest lesson I've learned is to never say never.
Because if you do, you may miss out on something that will inspire you to look at things differently.

You can find more tips and life lessons in my upcoming book "Hippie Revelations for the Modern Dream Chaser". 
Just joking - Bahaha.


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