The Last High | Live Music Video...


The Last High, Recorded Live...

Here's a little taste of how I perform live... I get my looping thaaaang on with a Roland RC-300 Loop Station and SPDSX Sample Pad... mix in some acoustic guitar, percussion and vocal harmonies... All made live on stage in one take... If you like this new video for my track The Last High,  pleeeeease share it around... I know you're here mostly because of the things I do with fashion, but music is my true love and your support for my wildest dreams would be so, so incredible!!

Here's the direct link to my live video channel on YouTube:
And don't forget you can buy my full EP, Borrowed & Blue on iTunes.

Did you notice the little leather ankle cuff I was wearing? It's another sneak peek at a little goody that will be part of my upcoming MojoMade Jewelry Collection. Don't forget to sign up below to get an exclusive invite to the VIP pre-order sale that begins in just under a month! More to be revealed in the coming weeks...


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