Leather Jackets Are Like Boyfriends

Leather Jacket: Bodaskins   |   Skull & Triangle Rings: Lotus Mendes   |   Peace Ring: Low Luv   |   Bone Ring: House of Harlow 1960 @ Market HQ

There is nothing more essential for a girl in the winter months of the year than a good quality leather jacket. Until now, when this gorgeous quilted Bodaskins leather jacket waltzed into my life, I'd never had a really good leather jacket. You know, the kind that takes a few wears to form to your body... One that you know will be with you through thick and thin, whether you're out on the road or just running to the coffee shop, keeping you cosy after a late night out and just gets better with age. Hmmm... this is kind of sounding like a dream boyfriend and the perfect relationship, isn't it?

Well, I guess that's the thing with quality pieces of clothing - they're a long-term investment - kind of like a relationship. These investment pieces need to be flexible enough to outlast topical trends and really speak to your true sense of style, so you never question your love - exactly how the perfect guy should be!

I guess for me it's like this: As you find your style and get into the flow of your life you really start to work out the things that matter to you. And one thing that matters to me is quality over quantity, whether that's with food, friends or clothing.

Or with men - but I got me a good one there already!


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