Can New Shoes & a Playlist Make You a Runner?


Gotta look good when you go running... I went with metallic shorts by Mink Pink, Ray-Bans, Sennheiser Momentum headphones and adidas Boost Energy shoes

I'm not a runner. I wish I was. But I'm not.
Or is it just that I haven't found the right running shoe, the right playlist or that I just don't know good running technique? As I cancel my gym membership, I've realised that this whole "I'm not a runner" thing needs to change. I'm just gonna have to learn to like running. In the real world - not on a treadmill.

So, in an effort to shake my pavement pounding senses into action, I put together a playlist of tunesthat are perfect to run in time with. Since I love a solid drum beat, like to keep a rhythm and also need some inspiration for my next album... I figure, if anything - a playlist and the right pair of shoes HAS to fix my lack of joy for jogging. Right?

When I first tried the new adidas Energy Boost shoe, I actually laughed out loud at the overwhelming feeling I had to go running. Could it be that all I ever needed was this pair of adidas shoes?! They're super light, mold snuggly around your feet and kind of feel like a cushiony extension of your leg.  The Energy Boost shoe is made through an innovative process that actually takes TPU plastic which is found in the dashboards of BMW cars - and blows it up into thousands of tiny energy balls – kind of like popcorn. So they're literally filled with energy to keep you light on your feet and smooth as a BMW ride. Hehe

I tried them out last week as the sun rose over Rushcutters Bay, whilst I listened to my Running Tracks Playlist (all adidas running shoes, including Energy Boost are compatible with the MiCoach app which will let you playlist your favourite running tracks alongside your workout plan). Maybe all I needed was a magical morning of jogging to great music with these adidasbabies - because I'll almost go as far as saying - I'm cured of my treadmill only frame of mind. Almost.

6am. Running by the light of the moon over sunrise. Rushcutters Bay.

Listen to my playlist on Spotify here.
More adidas Energy Boost info is here.

 'How would you work your exercise outfit in with the the adidas Energy Boost running shoes?' 

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