In Between the Day to Day

 Dress: One Teaspoon   |   Jumper: Love   |   Boots: Betts   |   Sunglasses: Ray-Ban   |   Skull Ring: Lotus Mendes

"How do you have the time to do everything?" is a question I get asked a lot... The truth is that I just do a lot of the things I think about doing - instead of simply thinking about doing them. I bet if you did all the things you thought about doing, you'd also fit a million things into your day!

But I have to admit, getting into the colder months, it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings - let alone find something to wear from my disorganised closet! The key to making it out the door when you've hit the snooze button way to many times is having a bit of a go-to style, and perfecting the top-knot. My in-between-the-day-to-day look that always keeps me feeling good, is super easy and one that I can interchange with some of my favourite pieces...

A patterned dress. An oversized jumper. Leather jacket. Opaque tights

It works every time I'm un-inspired first thing in the morning... I just change up the dress, jumper and boots. It's simple and I always feel like myself without needing to pull everything out of my wardrobe (because I don't have time to pick all those clothes back up off the floor and then that's a whole other problem haha).

Happy Monday!


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