Friday Flashback

Time Flies when you're having fun but it slows when you're in the flow...
I was going through my blog the other day, looking at what was happening a year ago and I realised that it felt like such a long time ago... which struck me as really good thing! You know how scary it feels when what you were doing a year ago seems like it was yesterday? This whole "living your passions" thing is like discovering some kind of time machine... It's like the more you fit in, the slower time goes. So in celebration of all that, I thought I'd do a little flashback of what was happening on MojoMade a year ago :)

Top & Shorts: One Teaspoon   |   Boots ROC
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Sometimes people just don't see you for who or what you are.
No matter how many words tumble from your mouth - they wrap you up in their dreams and hold you tight. Words are simply that, words... and everyone knows how to talk. So you can talk till you're blue in the face - but actions speak louder than words! So really, all you can do... is DO.  Read More>>

Brightening my day with a neon Bonds bra and part of the Market HQ wardrobe that I won... And sadly, my favourite Cat Hammill Peace bracelet that has long gone to jewellery heaven.
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