Flower Child

Shirt: Neon Hart @ General Pants   |   Hat: BooHoo   |   Peace Ring: Low Luv   |   Triangle Double Ring: House of Harlow 1960 @ Market HQ

Anyone who knows me well or has known me for a long time will tell you that I'm a hippie at heart. But I can also say that I am a true lover of technology, change and discovery. We're living in such an incredible time, where we can mix the knowledge of the old ways into our modern lives and technology is an amazing tool that we should be using to connect with others... To share.

There's something in the air lately, the winds of change are a'blowin' (for want of a better, less hippie sounding term haha). It's like we're just coming out of an era of disconnection, and for me - the gypsy, flower child within is starting to tear down some of those walls that this concrete jungle has built. I think the greatest thing in the world is to inspire someone, so if I can use my little corner of this amazing world-wide-web to inspire you with any of the information I share, be in in style, music, food or things to make - then I'll be a very happy girl!

So, as the winds change and it becomes time to cover my pins, I've decided to let that freedom and inspiration reign over my wardrobe too! Look out for free-flowing pants in all shapes and colours - there's a new Gypsy-Sheriff in town... Haha.

And since I'm finding all this new information about so many things I'm interested in, and the fact that I'm a share-it-all, there's going to be so much more coming to my blog as I try everything out. You know what they say - knowledge is power... And there ain't nothing like a little flower-power to get your inspiration flowing!


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