Stripes & Fur Fix Everything

Boots @ Market HQ   |   Clutch @ Sportsgirl   |   Old stripes and eBay fur.

It's been a chaotically creative couple of weeks at Mojo HQ... I've managed to fit in everything from music rehearsals, trying new recipes, home wares DIY's, wardrobe de-cluttering, stylist jobs, website design, drinks, breakfasts, business meetings and jewellery design sessions. My boy has been busy filming and doing actor-man things so I've had a lot of time to reflect with morning strolls around the Harbour and nights rugged up under the covers with my little Memphis Dawg.

We took these snaps on-the-go to a meeting about a new project I'm going to be involved in - as a stylist and designer... It's only in the very early stages so when the time is right, it will land here on my blog. One thing I haven't had time to do is laundry - so I had to throw something together to get to this meeting - and I learned that stripes and fur may just be the answer to everything.

And V8 juice. Seriously.


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