Hunting for Balance


Huntress Necklace: Wild & Free Jewelry   |   Shorts: One Teaspoon   |   Boots: Betts  |   Top: Mink Pink @ Market HQ    
Arm band & Triangle jewellery: Lotus Mendes

There's a stream that runs out to Sydney Harbour right near my place... It's always completely full, or empty like this - no in between. High tide or low... I can relate to that.

I'm either up or down. Embracing the sunlight or waiting for the night.

I'm a Leo, so I'm always hunting for the spark in the dark corners - but now I'm also looking for the blend of two opposites. I don't want to be a fence sitter, an in-betweener... I like conviction. And I like contradiction. But I've learned to trust that after the high tide comes the low... And after the low comes the high. You just can't have one without the other.

The sun proves that the moon exists.
It's only a dark corner until there's light.
We need down times to know what happiness is.
It's the way it's always been. Always will be.

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