Control Minds

Maxi Skirt: Free People   |   Top: UNIF @ Market HQ   |   Boots: BooHoo c/o Park Avenue PR
Necklace: Recreational   |   Triangle Ring: Lotus Mendes

Sometimes things don't turn out exactly how you want. But sometimes the things you think you missed out on are the things that make you see the other side. They make you see around the corner. 
And other times it's all bullshit anyway.

Live wild and be free.
Don't let your mind be controlled - but be in control of your mind.
You dig? 


I'm building a healthy little collection of maxi skirts lately, and I'm in love with the ethereal darkness of my new Free People maxi - great for this horrible humid weather at the moment. Lets your legs be all free and wild haha. And if you've lost count, I've now got 4 of these UNIF tanks - different prints - which see me through every 'I-need-something-to-throw-on-that-will-be-instantly-awesome' moment. As for the boots - they're a dream find from BooHoo thanks to Park Avenue PR who helped me change up my feet style this week :)


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