Summer with Sportsgirl

I thought this was such a cute idea from Sportsgirl that I couldn't resist taking part! I, like so many of us Aussie girls, grew up with Sportsgirl. It was the first store that exposed you to specific trends and had everything from clothing and accessories to shoes, in one place. You'll probably see a few bloggers talking about this - and I'm looking forward to hearing all the stories that come about. 

Tell us a story about yourself. 
When I was 8 years old I decided that I wanted to be called Courtney. Why? I don't remember. But I had my school teachers, dancing teachers and friends all calling me Courtney - for an entire year. Then I got over it and changed it back. Weirdo much?!

 Tell us your favourite fashion memory. 
It's not so much a fashion memory as a hilarious fashion-faux-pas memory. BUT - I used to roller-blade in my hyper colour t-shirt, bike pants, reflector sunglasses and shiny-chameleon-snapback-cap.  Now, that's 5 fashion memories that were happening when I was a kid that should have led to the end of fashion as we know it. An 80's throw back kid before that 80's came back in fashion - I was totes cool.

Tell us your earliest or most favourite memory of Sportsgirl. 
I bought a Gypsy skirt one year that lasted me 3 summers and toured all over the country with me - I altered it to fit in a little more with current trends each year. It started out hipster and long, then high waisted mid length, and sometimes a strapless dress.

Tell us what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year. 
My two front teeth. Hehe.
No really, a new acoustic guitar and never ending supply of shoes - That should do it.

Tell us 3 bloggers you’d like to answer the same questions on their blog! 

Rachel Urquhart | Pony Gold
Because she's all creative artsy and clearly loves The Doors.

 Jess Tran | Jess Loves Fred
 Because she's a baben' great writer who always cracks me up.

Steph Kramer | Watermelon Crush
Because she's Swedish and didn't grow up here. I'm interested in her take on our national fashion treasure :)


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