Recording Studio Style

Making a Record

Neon Hart crochet cape, Mimi Loves Jimi flat leather boots, Gathering Eye belt & studded backpack at General Pants.

Aghhhh I feel like I've been locked in a cave for the past few weeks - albeit a creative cave of music and vocal harmonies... The thing I love most about music is the live stuff - the stage and the audience... Recording studio, not as much.  

 But we finished recording my new EP just in time for Christmas and after a few days of cocktails and mountains of food, the annual Mario Kart Wii tournament and dressing up my pooch in her favourite Christmas get-up... It's time to regroup!!
And drink a little more and watch some more DVD's and go to the beach. 

Anyways, since I haven't had a chance to blog (we were doing 12 hour days in the studio!) I put together a little collage of essentials for the recording studio... Fringing and boho crochet, hat for bad-hair days, accessories that don't jingle-jangle, a killer studded backpack for my glockenspiel and various percussion and my iPad so I can play around with vox ideas in Garage Band...

I can't wait to share the tunes with you in 2013 - hope you had a great Christmas!  


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