Big Mouth


Top: Evil Twin @ Market HQ   |   Necklace: House of Harlow 1960   |   Bison Skull Ring: Wild & Free Jewelry   |   Arm Chains:  Backstage  |   Bag: Chicwish

We've all had those moments when you look back and ask yourself "What was I thinking?" Whether it's fashion choices or boyfriends - haha - there will always be things you can't escape from your past. Some friendships and relationships are just snapshots in time.

There are people who will only ever know a fragmented version of you because the situation or relationship only allows you to show half of your colours. And so time and distance goes on and they will never see your full spectrum... And you will remain a faded imprint on their memory.

Some people will cement you as your teenage self or secure you in your early twenties, thinking you'll always be that way. And that's sad because it just means that they're stuck there themselves. But I bet it's those very people that played the biggest part in making you who you are today. If you were bullied, if you were heart-broken, if you were ever made to feel worthless... You can thank those people for pushing you into uncomfortable places that forced you to soul-search. I've been there.

But real friends love you like family - it's unconditional. They listen to the problems without rolling their eyes. They reach out to you when you're alone. They ask if you're OK. They stand by you when you're taking risks. They back you up. And they allow you to grow. 

So hold on to the ones who really care, in the end they'll be the only one's there :) I love my peeps.



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