Neon Clash of the Licorice All-Sort Kind

Shirt: Sportsgirl   |   Blazer: Staple The Label @ Market HQ   |   Chain Glove: MojoMade - available online here

I've been dreaming of the day when I could wear bright, neon, clashing colours and not feel like a candy shop - though I'll admit, a pair of black pants with this outfit would have made me a walking licorice-all-sort.. Hence my new style mantra was born...

"If the pants make you look like a walking idiot - opt for no pants."

I can hear my mum's voice in the back of my mind uttering some kind of old saying like "pink and green should never be seen"...  But finally - the day of the clashing colours, clashing prints and splashes of neon and tie-day are back in all their glory! All hail to the Rainbow Brite's out there walking the streets, avenging the dull greys of the world!

Although the neon trend has been growing and buzzing for quite a while now, I wanted to find the right combination of pieces before unleashing it's brazen assault on any onlooker's eye... I don't want anyone getting dizzy or vomiting from seeing all this fabulous clash. I've had this Sportsgirl shirt for quite a while now and bought a size too big so I could get away with it as both a shirt and a shirt-dress... I hadn't found the way to really make it pop, until this ridiculously gorgeous washed silk, neon pink blazer from Staple The Label came into my life. 

The only risk you run with these bold statement pieces is over-wearing them... I mean, no one gonna forget a hot pink blazer walking in the room no matter how many different things you wear it with. Have a look at some more amazing Staple The Label pieces at my fave online store Market HQ.

PS. When I was looking for an image of licorice all sorts, I found a divine recipe for Licorice All-Sort Slice on - Let me know if you make it I'll be trying it out soon!

** Licorice all-sort images sourced from Google



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