Milk and Honey


Blazer & Belt: Mink Pink from Market HQ   |   Shirt & Shorts: Milk and Honey from Love of Eos   |   Necklace, Horse & Chain Ring: Lotus Mendes   |   Socks: Sportsgirl   |   Heels: Diavolina from Styletread 

There's something magical about these colours together that makes me feel all gooey inside. For some strange reason it reminds of warm spring nights down south when I was a kid. (The colours, not the outfit - it's not like I was wearing blazers when I was 8 years old).

Anyways, the double Milk and Honey get up is from Love Of Eos - a cute little online store that recently popped up on my radar. The shirt is great buttoned or not buttoned and has some gorgeous black lace detail on the back which I'll get to in another post. And of course - you all know my obsession with mustard... And suede... And a pair of high waisted shorts... So how could I resist these babies?! I just wish I could skip winter now!

Yes. This winter I'm doing socks. Glorious socks!

♥ Mojo x



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