Lost in a Pair of Galaxy Leggings...


Leggings: Evil Twin @ Beginning Boutique   |   Top: UNIF @ Market HQ   |   Denim Shirt: Forever 21   |   Boots: ROC

Ahhh the cold days of Sydney... Of Autumn... Of Winter.... It's all coming round so quickly and I've just started to realize I'm completely unprepared!! Loads of shorts and dresses and maxi skirts but not a huge range of pants live in my winter wardrobe. Eeek!

You gotta know by now how much I love a little galaxy gazing... So, I've started with these Evil Twin "Outer Limits" velvety leggings found at Beginning Boutique.  And I'm thinking this winter, I'm gonna be doing a lot more print leggings. Oh woah - WATCH OUT! haha

New serious obsession? The latest tanks from UNIF Clothing... Lucky for me they're available at Market HQ and I've been stocking up from my big win from the MHQ Style Off! And speaking of - they're got SO much new stuff over there I recommend you check it out :)

On a more studded boot kinda note (did you see what I just did there - totally seamless segway)... I just found these babies on ... They're my favourite ROC Boots... with STUDS. Ahhhhhh. #WinterWishNumber1



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