Wild at Heart with Glamour Kills


Wild at Heart Tee: Glamour Kills   |   Lace Bralette: American Apparel   |   Necklace: Recreational   |   Skull Ring: Lotus Mendes   |   Claw Ring: LowLuv @

The print, the cut, the undeniable truth of it. Be prepared to see a few more posts featuring this Wild at Heart tee by Glamour Kills - teamed in this post with a peach maxi for some weekend-markets-loitering. I tend to overkill things I love :) Boys - You can get one here.

About 6 months ago I came across Glamour Kills, a t-shirt label out of New York. At first glance it was just a little crush and I was all giddy with graphic tee's lust, so I popped my GLMRKLS cherry with this and this (luckily they post internationally and fit nicely into my 'struggling-artist-budget'). Upon further investigation I was pretty stoked to see that Glamour Kills do a whole lot more that just produce t-shirts (and bathing suits, accessories and denim of course!).

The guy behind the art and label is Mark Capicotto, who started the whole thing in his parents basement and began with the idea of 'when pigs fly' as a starting point for his label. The logo of a flying pig is the thing that totally cemented this label in my must-follow-list of favourite indie designers...  See, when I was in high-school my best friend and I came up with this ridiculous cartoon based around Evil Rick the Flying Pig and Captain Ashley the Super Cat. We had a theme song and full cast of regulars and characters that would come and go, including Jessie-The-Keg-On-Legs-Dog.

No, really.
Maybe one day I'll share it with you. Haha.

Anyways - what sets this killer label aside from all the others is the amalgamation of fashion, art and music. You'll see what I mean by looking through the pages of their site or facebook. Music tours, constant rep in Nylon Magazine (need I say more?) and the big decider: my mum likes them on facebook.

Seriously cool.



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