The All Seeing Ice Cream

Tee: One Family   |   Shorts: One Teaspoon   |  Necklace: Lotus Mendes   | Peace Ring: Low Luv from Love of Eos

I'm going to admit it, it's gone on long enough and I feel I need to tell you... I've been stealing clothes from my bf's drawer! Tshirts, singlets and shirts - I'm guilty of it all - rolling the sleeves up, tying a knot around the waist, belting an oversize...

So, recently something new has entered the borrow-sphere-wardrobe! Let me introduce One Family
My mate Kal started up this little label with tees and sweaters but I doubt it'll be long before it blows up. The quality and attention to detail is out of this world and the artwork is ridiculous (like the All Seeing Ice-Cream Tee above). It's like a pop-art version of Dahli meets street style graffiti... Anyways, you can check out everything One Family has to offer weekly at the Bondi Markets or buy online here.

And you'll be seeing a whole lot more here coz I kinda stocked up, like a bear about to hibernate for the winter.

Mojo x 



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