I'm on a Tshirt in Zara!

It's not everyday that you see your face on a t-shirt in ZARA!
I've been waiting for this cute little shirt to arrive in Australia and finally it's here thanks to the peeps at Happy Punt and Zara! 
And PS I'm really cheap - just $35 hehe :)

I think the coolest thing is that the image used on the tee is from one of my very first fashion posts on this blog! I convinced my bf to come to the park with me with a bunch of sparklers and a little Canon digital camera to take pictures for this new thing I was starting - a blog. He was like... A what???  And now just a year later it's on a t-shirt in Zara. Crazy.

Like the chain glove I'm wearing in the pic?? 
I make them by hand and you can buy one here for just $35. Only a couple left!!

mojo xx



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