Crucifix, Chains & Stripes Lovin'


So life's getting somewhat hectic at the moment - mostly getting everything ready for my impending trip to Hollywood on Monday! With the organising, scheduling, emailing, blogging - it all means that I wake up in the morning, have just enough time to take Memphis for a run, grab a coffee, squeeze in a shower and BOOM it's bedtime. Where do these hours go?!

The other thing it means is much less time to think about what clothes are landing on my limbs and more about throwing on whatever is nearby (hoping I can still pull off some form of style representation in the process) That's where the oversized-knit-sloppy-joe jumper thing comes in handy! Currently working with me on a daily basis is this crucifix knit available here at accompanying skirts, leggings, jeans, maxi's - endless possibilities... 
It just makes anything look cool. 

**See this Mink Pink skirt as part of my entry in the Market HQ Style Off HERE.
Voting closes on Friday and I would LOVE your help... if you're feeling generous!

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