Video Post: Playin' in Melbourne.

**Filmed with iPhone 8mm App / Edited with iMovie.

A sneak peek on the road in Melbourne last week... This is the first installment of fortnightly videos that I'll be posting via YouTube! See images from this show here.

I've set a challenge for myself to keep creating.
Sometimes you get caught up in the day to day and forget what makes you smile. I mean, what really makes you smile. Creating music and art is what keeps me ticking - so as of now, I'll be challenging myself to deliver video content every fortnight via my Youtube Channel... 
Sometime music, sometimes artistic and sometimes behind the scenes on fashion projects and all the things that come with being a musician and fashion designer. Who knows what will happen as this MojoTrain picks up speed! Hehe

I would love you to come on the ride and I hope this can inspire you to tap into your own creative time-bomb and set the fuse alight!

Tell me: What is your creative passion??

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Happy Inspiration x


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