Lotus Mendes Collection

Everything about this excites me.
You may recognise a few of these pieces as things I wear ALL the time (like the Goddess Ring)... I tend to find things I love and wear them out!! Whilst I like to challenge myself when it comes to style, I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping the things that make you feel amazing - no matter what.

It's like your fail-safe little black dress. You put it on when you want to feel incredible because you know it makes you look great. And when you feel like crap - you put it on because you know it makes you feel great!!

I try to find those things in more than just my LBD- like jewelry...
There's something about the Lotus Mendes collection that gives you that kind of empowerment through accessories - a MUST see :)

Lotus Mendes designer Victoria Cheatham did a little interview for me here.

And you can WIN some pieces from the collection in my current giveaway here.

Mojo x


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