I Know Places We Can Go Babe... With Leather & Polka Dots


I know places we can go babe.
I know places we can go babe.
Where the highs wont bring you down babe.
No, The highs wont hurt you there babe. 
                                                                   -Lykke Li

I love a contradiction.
Cute polka dots with the ethereal lines of a flowing mullet skirt.
Heavy black boots and a whole lotta leather and studs.
And a pair of white socks.

Recently,when I was talking about how I would style a look, someone said to me:
 "Oh no darling, socks aren't on trend! You're not supposed to do that!"

It didn't cross my mind I was 'supposed' to do anything.
I thought fashion was about expressing yourself.
I hope that's what you get from it.


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