ULTIMATE Giveaway: Winner Announced

Tshirt: Glamour Kills  |  Shorts: One Teaspoon  |  Wedges: Tony Bianco  |  Rolling Stones Necklace: MojoMade

Hope you're having as relaxing a break as I am over the Christmas / New Year holidays!
I'm just chilling back home in Perth, enjoying the heat and will be spending the majority of this week at the beach! In the meantime I was ridiculously spoiled for Christmas...  Amongst some very thoughtful and generous gifts, I got 2 bottles of Anna Sui - Sui Dreams Perfume!! This is most exciting because it's been discontinued and I've been wearing it since I was 16. If I could buy every last bottle in existance, I would :)
And in the spirit of Christmas... we've got a WINNER of the ULTIMATE FASHION GIVEAWAY!

of Melbourne, Australia. 
From over 350 amazing entries...  she's won all these amazing gifts below!

'The Olsen Dress' from Stylestalker
A gift voucher from Tony Bianco Shoes
'The Pinkie Dress' from One Teaspoon
'Bronzer & Beach Tint' from Becca Cosmetics
A music voucher from Sony Music
2 pieces from my now sold out Mojomade collection for Azuki.

Thank you to every last one of you gorgeous readers who entered - I've got some very exciting things coming together for 2012, so I hope you'll keep reading, viewing and enjoying what I'm doing!

I'm trying my best to not take too much of a break over the holidays, but if I'm absent from posting for a while - you'll find me at the beach :)

❤ Mojo


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