10 Things to do on a Rainy Day

 I can't believe it's still raining here in Sydney and only a few days before Christmas... While I look at my lonely new bathers sitting on the bed waiting to get to the beach it got me thinking of what you can do to pass the time on an unexpected rainy day... 
10 Things to do on a Rainy Day...

1. Make a vision / mood board.
Use magazine cut-outs and print outs, concert tickets and materials - anything that inspires you!

2. Watch Almost Famous - or your other favourite movie...

3. Organise / clean out your wardrobe
Cause we all know it's overflowing with stuff you don't actually wear! Sell things on eBay or give to the Good Sammies.

4. Meditate
Light some candles, take a deep breathe and delve into your subconcious. If you can't seem to quiet your mind, you could try Holosync from the Centerpointe Research Institue - I've used it for years and love it!

5. Take a Bath
Another one to relax the afternoon away with. Grab a good book or listen to your favourite music...

6. Online Shopping
We all know you don't need to leave the house to shop! 
Here's a couple of awesome sites to get you started:

7. Write a Letter
A letter to your Mum, your lover, your best friend... The art of the handwritten letter is fast disappearing and I say we need to bring it back! Get creative and try writing a letter to your future self - open it in 5 years time!

8. Bake!!

9. Make a Photo Album
Try the old-school way and spice it up with some crafty creativity - or try one of the many online services that will print your digital photos into hardcover books. My favourite is SNAPFISH.

10. Chase a Rainbow.

And of course you can enter my Ultimate Giveaway - which has been extend until Christmas Eve! Winner will be announced on December 27th - so you've still got a few days to enter!

Good luck luvahs xx 

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Except images 4, 6, 23, 26 - owned by mojomade.


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