With bells on...


It's all about the swing of it... And in this case, clearly the bell-bottomness of it...
These pants make me want to live in the 1970's so bad - I'm contemplating giving everything up and dedicating my life to inventing a time-machine.

But just in case I don't follow through, at least Azuki has these pants available in both burnt peach and BLACK (a girls best friend when it comes to pants that are so wide they kinda look like a skirt - that's why I love em though!) They'll be available in my shop in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

And what about the turquoise pieces by my gorgeous friend Victoria - the mastermind behind the vibrant Lotus Mendes Jewelry. I like to think of them as little splashes of wearable art... Her collections are getting more and more chaotic in the most dazzling kind of way - I've had a sneak peak at what's to come over the next few months and it's to die for!

If you're into unique designs as much as I am, you should check out her latest collection and info on what her creations are all about - there's a meaning behind every piece and it's really quite interesting how it's all come about.

Top: Vintage
Pants: Azuki
Boots: Betts
Jewelry: Lotus Mendes


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