The Little Mermaid

Photography by Blair Dwyer
TOP: Three of Something & Boots: BooHoo @ Park Avenue PR   |   Goddess Ring: Lotus Mendes

I'm finally OUT! 
Out of the creative cave! I've been living under paper, surrounded by pencils and scissors and my eyes are practically bleeding raw from an EPIC stint on Photoshop finalising everything for my new EP!

Honestly... I've never worked so hard and long on artwork for a CD... I've released 4 independent recordings over the years (Can I hear a LAYEEEERR CAKE?! Anyone? Haha) and always done the artwork myself - but my next music release is something quite different - for SO many reasons. I can't WAIT to share everything with you - so keep your eyes and ears here and on Facebook for special info about my new EP which comes out on March 8th!

Oh yeah! And there is an incredibly amazing giveaway kicking off here on MONDAY!
Including a pair of these BooHoo boots...
So come back ya'll! x



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