Aztec Rainbow Crusader


I've always thought of myself as a bit of a Rainbow Brite. You know, the colourful crusader riding Unicorns over psychadelic rainbow trips, spreading colour to the world and saving the planet from the evil, boring NO COLOUR badies. 

I think I may have recognised the idea of fashion sense from her - she always wore her hair different (and obviously put a lot of effort into it, it always had great curls and body!). She had different outfits, and clearly little Twink was her PA and stylist. I also appreciate how much trouble she went to with Starlite's rainbow dip-dyed hair, I mean it would have been a feat to keep everyone looking so good whilst riding around, socialising with the other Colour Kids and riding the world of evil. 
Phew, that does sound like my life. Haha
So my Rainbow Brite style choice for the day comes via some of my most loved pieces...
  • Mustard shirt and black suede Ringos shorts from One Teaspoon. It's the detail and texture of One Teaspoon's pieces that really express the quality - they always feel and fit so perfectly. The raw edging of the shirt is my fave detail.
  • MinkPink Aztec Tank (from Market HQ). Personally, this is my ideal style of tank - the fall of it and the bold print speaks volumes for everyday and something more.
  • Triangle Necklace by Recreational. On the whole Aztec trip, I'm obsessed with this simple, subtle dull gold design by a great up-and-coming jewelry label. I wear it daily.
  • Beads & Pandora Bracelets . If you're fighting evil and spreading colour to the world, you can never have too many bracelets. I'm always collecting, adding and interchanging my wrist-wear and one of my most loved pieces is my Pandora Bracelet. Filled with charms from across the globe, each one has a story about it and means something very special to me.

Try something colourful today! 
Find something that made you smile when you were little.
Remember how you used to be invincible? You still are!
Spread some good around and you'll find the colours in the world :)
 Mojo x



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